Create and Upload

Create / Select gallery

Gallery creation is pretty simple. At the right side of the WOW Gallery overview page locates: gallery cover, input field and 6 latest galleries.

Available actions:

  1. New gallery - just write gallery name or stay it blank will be used default gallery name "New gallery". If this gallery already exists at the end of the name will be added numeric prefix e.g. "New gallery-2".
  2. Search existing gallery - start typing and system will show existing ones by your input.
  3. Select latest gallery - click gallery cover on one the latest under input field.
Illustration of Available actions
Illustration of Available actions


  • New gallery title and input field highlighted in blue.
  • Existed gallery title and input field highlighted in green.
  • Quick access to manage latest gallery, click title under the cover.

Upload Images

Select gallery as described above then push the button or drag images there and upload will start automatically. Note: Others actions blocked while uploading. Concerns some gallery actions such as multiply image selection, tags selection and etc.

Illustration of Upload progress
Illustration of Upload progress